Ready for Deeper Weekend 2019?

For accountants who think like business owners. Deeper Weekend is a Learning Gathering held live in Greenville, SC each fall. Deeper Weekend will offer you the opportunity to jump start your professional firm transformation. You are invited to join us this year at Deeper Weekend, October 23 through 25, 2019.

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First, we need to confess something: Deeper Weekend is not on a weekend.

But! This is a good thing, and here’s why. We want you to have a “weekend mentality” when it comes to this powerful event for accountants: and not the kind that means you turn off your brain. It’s the kind of weekend where you’ve stepped away from the office, and started to get excited again about what your accounting firm could really look like.

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Expert Speakers

This event brings to you speakers who not only have the know-how, but also the grit and determination to implement it.

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Expert Speakers

Real Workshops

For seven years, we've delivered deep learning to the best accountants in the world - those who are ready to jump start their professional firm transformation.

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Real Workshops

Food & Drinks

The best ideas come from discussions with others like you who are making the commitment to grow their firms and do things differently.

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Food & Drinks
Christine Walsh

“Deeper Weekend is beyond just networking with like minded people, it is an incredible and eye-opening experience of the strength we have together to gain insightful knowledge about driving our business strategy in a way that brings success that is defined by quality of life and happiness knowing we are on the right path.”

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